Our Demands

We demand an independent, community-led investigation. Specifically, we demand the following:

  1. Private, confidential, in-person visits, in order to administer a survey to 100 prisoners currently confined to the jail, starting no later than 11 January 2016 (these prisoners must voluntarily agree to participate in the survey, and must not be hand-picked by prison officials);
  2. A full inspection of medical and dining facilities and living quarters, including pods and showers;
  3. All data related to grievances, including a detailed account of the grievance process, a record of all grievances filed, their outcomes, and interviews with the grievance officer(s) at the jail;
  4. Monthly revenue summary reports Aramark, GTL, Touch Pay, Correct Care Solutions, and all other private companies contracted to provide services at the jail;
  5. Documented evidence of when all cells are opened and closed on a daily basis since 1 October 2015.

These steps are necessary for the Durham community to have an adequate account of the human rights violations that are occurring in the jail, and to begin to make the changes necessary to stop these abuses from taking place. 

Download a PDF of our early report and demands in English and en espanol (Spanish).